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В аэропорту открылась фотовыставка Каупо Киккаса «История сотни»


In the town-side part of Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, a photo exhibition of Kaupo Kikkas has been installed. The exhibition was created for the opening event of festival Jazzkaar 2018, “The Story of One Hundred”.

At the photo exhibition “The Story of One Hundred” displayed at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport we can see 50 Estonian people and places related to them, captured by Kaupo Kikkas. It is a part of a grand cross-genre creation in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, and includes a photo book and a concert performance. The 50 portrait and environment photos of the present exhibition are also from the book. The exhibition will be open at Tallinn Airport until the beginning of year 2019.

According to Kaupo Kikkas, the author of the photos, the airport is a great location for the exhibition, as the people on the photos are the last thing that travellers see as a reminder of Estonia, and they are also an honest and sincere greeting to those who arrive. “I believe that everyone who notices the photos finds a thought to accompany them during their journey in Estonia or away from Estonia,” Kikkas added.

“The gallery joining the public transport centre and the terminal of the airport is lined with portraits of Estonian people on one side and with photos of the environment on the other side, creating an exciting and beautiful moment in our home airport – the gallery has been brought to life for a traveller,” explains Madis Eesmaa, brand manager of Tallinn Airport. According to him, there has been a long-term cooperation between the Airport and Jazzkaar: concerts in the luggage area, morning yoga to live music, and now the exhibition telling stories through Estonian people. “The Airport as a gate to Estonia is a good place for introducing Estonia and Estonian people. And of course Kaupo, his accomplishments speak for themselves,” Eesmaa added.

The photos displayed at the exhibition have also found their way into a book “The Story of One Hundred” where the amazing photos by Kaupo Kikkas are presented with texts written by Laur Kaunissaare revealing the character of the subjects in a most deep and sincere way. The book is available in all the largest book stores.

The concert performance “The Story of One Hundred” was born from a hundred meetings with Estonian people. From the memories and emotions of the meetings, a music piece by Erki Pärnoja was born which was brought to the audience in the video composition by Jaak Prints and Kaupo Kikkas. “The Story of One Hundred” was performed during Jazzkaar only once, on April 20th, in Noblessner harbour district in Tallinn Shipyard. The concert was recorded by ETV.

The exhibition at the Airport was installed with the support of Epson. The large-format photo print technology of Epson has been used for printing the exhibition.

Jazzkaar thanks Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport and Epson for creating the exhibition. The opening event of Jazzkaar, “The Story of One Hundred”, was carried out thanks to the support of Viru Keskus and Eesti Vabariik 100.