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In the first weeks of July, 43,373 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport


In the first weeks of July, 43,373 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport, being by 18,000 passengers more than in the entire month of June. Also, the average seat occupancy has increased, yet remaining at 50%.

As at 20 July, it is possible to fly on 24 routes and the most popular destinations in July so far have been Riga, Frankfurt and Vienna. “Riga and Frankfurt are the most important hubs for us, which allow people to conveniently proceed to their connecting flight. The increase in the popularity of Vienna was supported by customer-friendly pricing policy of airlines, but most definitely this is also a valuable city holiday destination. At the same time there are also good hiking trails and wine districts around Vienna,” said Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport and added that for certain, all the current destinations in the flight plan are worth rediscovering.

“We have collected some feedback from the passengers and asked them about the situation in different European destinations. The feedback has been truly positive and most importantly – today one can travel in a way that there is no need to line up for queues for art exhibitions, the prices in the accommodation establishments, cafes and restaurants are reasonable and keeping the distance is easy due to the lack of tourists.” Nevertheless, Pärgmäe would like to stress that before going on a trip, it is wise to do some thorough homework, stay up to date with possible restrictions in the country of destination and not to travel to countries with high number of people infected.

In Saturday, WizzAir started with flights to Milan and the low-fare airline of Great Britain, EasyJet, announced that it will start flying on London and Berlin routes from this week. Flights will be restored in July also to Kiev, Kharkiv and Lviv in the Ukraine and in August, we expect also the Moscow, Istanbul and Brussels routes to reopen. All destinations can be viewed on the homepage of Tallinn Airport.

When travelling, we advise keeping the following in mind:


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