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Handling of aviation accidents is practiced at Kärdla airport


On Thursday, June 11, a practice of handling an aviation accident will be held together with partners at Kärdla airport.

“This is a major training, aimed at ensuring the initial search and rescue capacity through training within a 5-mile radius from the airport,” said Allan Mäll, the chief organiser of the training and operations manager of Kärdla airport, and added that the training takes place in cooperation with the Emergency Response Centre, Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board, Foundation Hiiumaa Hospital, Hiiumaa Voluntary Maritime Rescue Association, National Defence League and the Ambulance Centre of the North Estonia Medical Centre.

According to the scenario of training, an arriving plane makes an emergency landing on the sea with 17 passengers and 3 crew members on board. As a result of the emergency landing the plane crashes, involving fatalities and casualties. In addition, some of the people are thrown into the sea, where the temperature is low; therefore, it is important to find and rescue the injured fast. The activities of the training are practiced on sea as well as on land.

The training starts at 11.00 on June 11, in the surrounding area, northwest of Kärdla airport, the Tareste bay and Roograhu port basin.

Further information:

Allan Mäll

Operations Manager of Kärdla Airport

Phone: 56217071