The airport's unguarded paid parking areas have sufficient capacity for parking your car. There are separate car parks for both short stay and long stay parking.

For further information on parking, call:

+372 605 8146 (workdays 13.00–23.00)

+372 605 8288 (24 h)

If you have any suggestions on how to improve our parking arrangements, let us know using the feedback form.

Parking and traffic arrangements at Tallinn Airport:

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The parking calculator will help you calculate the parking fee.

Car parks are open 24 hours a day.

The ‘Kiss & Fly’ car park in front of the passenger terminal (car park A3). The entrance to the car park has been divided into two: the lane on the terminal side is meant for the airport’s official taxis and the other lane for passenger’s private vehicles. Check the signs and make sure you are in the correct lane.

The ‘Kiss & Fly’ car park is meant for short-term parking. It is especially convenient if someone is picking you up or dropping you off at the airport. Parking is free for 15 minutes, after which a fee will be charged at the applicable rates.

The rates for the ‘Kiss & Fly’ (A3) car park can be found HERE.

Long stay car park (car park A2). If you’re going to be away for a longer time, you should park your car in the airport’s long stay car park. The car park is a short walk from the terminal.

The rates for the long stay car park (A2) can be found HERE.

Short stay car park (car park A4). If you’re going on a short trip or come to the airport to drop someone off or pick someone up, it is convenient to park in car park A4. The parking lot is located in the immediate vicinity of the passenger terminal, next to the tram and bus stops.  Parking is free for 15 minutes, after which a fee will be charged at the applicable rates.

The rates for short stay car park (A4) can be found HERE.

Parking for people with disabilities. There are two parking spaces in front of the terminal for passengers with disabilities. The time limit for parking there is 2 hours. If you’re going away for a longer time, the car should be parked in either the short stay or the long stay car park where you will have to pay a fee at the respective applicable rates.

How to pay for parking

You will get a parking card when entering the car park. Be sure to keep it, as you will be paying for parking right before you leave. You can pay with your mobile or in the passenger terminal in cash or by credit card:

  • payment machine located in the passenger terminal of the arriving flights
  • payment machine located outside the passenger terminal, next to the arriving flights entrance
  • payment machine located outside the passenger terminal, next to the departing flights entrance (credit card only)
  • payment machine booth located in the middle of A2 parking lot

Pay with your mobile phone!

To make a mobile phone payment, dial the phone number printed on the parking ticket or use the new app. Choose the “Lennujaam” parking zone and enter the parking ticket number. To pay for the Tallinn Airport paper parking ticket with your mobile phone, enter the following combination: 1312*445*TICKETNUMBER. The ticket number is printed on the front side. The parking fee will be added to your next month’s mobile services bill. To raise the barrier when exiting the car park, insert in the slot the parking ticket you previously received after payment.

If a payment terminal is inoperable, call the number 605 8288.


Good to know!

Short stay and long stay car parks are only meant for passenger cars and motorcycles. Motorcycles are subject to the same rates as cars.

Buses have designated waiting spaces in the bus lane in front of the ground floor of the passenger terminal.

Jump-start service

Jump-start service is available in the airport car parks by calling the number 605 8288; the fee for one jump-start is 8 EUR.