Leaving the Airport

Bus and Tram stops, car parks and taxi park are only meters away from arrival entrances. That makes getting to your destination quick and stress free. Attention! In order to avoid any unpleasant experiences with taxis, the airport recommends that you only use our partner taxis waiting at the official taxi park of the airport.

Official taxi partners of the airport and their contact details:



Telephone +(372) 612 0000
Short number 1200




Telephone +(372) 640 8921
Short number 1921




Telephone +(372) 612 0000
Short number 1200





By tram

Public tram route no. 4 stop is located next to the terminal towards the city. On Mondays through Saturdays, the first tram arrives at the airport at 5.25 AM and at 5.45 on Sundays. The last tram from the airport to the city centre leaves at 0.45 AM, allowing passengers arriving on the last flights of the day to use public transport for reaching the city.

Tram tickets cost 2 euros when buying from the driver, however registered Tallinners use public transport free of charge.  The journey to the city centre takes approximately 15-17 minutes. Information on tram lines and stops can be found HERE.

By bus

Airport bus stops are located at the city side of the passenger terminal next to the tram stop.

You can enter the terminal from the bus stops by escalator or elevator, going to the arrival area. Tallinn City Transport Busses No. 2 and No. 65 stop at the airport.

Bus No. 2 runs on the City Centre – Mõigu route and stops at the airport on both directions. You can check out the bus timetable. The timetable can be found HERE.

Bus No. 65 runs from Lasnamäe to the airport. The timetable can be found HERE.

Both Tallinn Ühiskaart Transport Card and single tickets can be used on city buses. Tickets are sold by the bus driver at the entrance to the bus, the ticket price is 2 euros.

Some long-distance buses that run along the Tartu highway towards Tallinn also stop at the airport bus stop. However, all buses do not stop at the airport by request, so make sure you choose the right line. Be sure to notify the bus driver of your wish to stop at the airport when you enter the bus. You can find more information on bus lines and stops HERE.

The airport bus station also has a self-service ticket dispenser where you can buy tickets for buses stopping at the airport on the way to Tartu. The machine accepts card payments.

By car

The ‘Kiss & Fly’ car park right in front of the entrance to the passenger terminal is very convenient if someone coming to pick you up at the airport.  The car can be parked there for 15 minutes free of charge. Stays longer than 15 minutes are subject to a charge according to the applicable rates which can be found HERE.

If you have parked your car in the airport car park for the duration of your travels, you can pay for parking in the passenger terminal. You can pay either at the parking desk on the ground floor or at the payment terminals located on the ground floor as well as the 1st floor.

The plan of the car parks and the rates can be found HERE.

By taxi

Important! Taxi rates are not limited by law in Estonia. Before you start your ride, make sure that the rate is acceptable to you and, if possible, ask the driver for the estimated fare. In order to avoid any unpleasant experiences with taxis, the airport recommends that you only use our partner taxis waiting at the official taxi park of the airport.

The official taxi partners of Tallinn Airport are Tulika Takso, Tallink Takso, Airport Taxi and Tulika Premium, whose cars will be waiting for passengers right in front of the terminal doors.

You can also order a taxi from another company to the car park in front of the terminal, located behind the official taxi park, but bear in mind that the taxi can only stay in that car park for 15 minutes.

To make sure you don’t end up with huge bill for the taxi, we recommend that you avoid taxi drivers trying to catch unsolicited customers at the airport or in the car park.

Use the Google map below to see how far the airport is from your destination. When taking a taxi, make sure that the driver takes your desired route to reach the destination. This should also provide a chance to estimate the approximate fare.

Open Google Map here