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Tallinn Airport History Center

The Tallinn Airport History Center is the oldest limestone building of the airport. It offers much joy of discovering the aviation. The total area of the building together with a bar is 92m². At warmer times, there is a courtyard with 144m² of patio, picnic space and a fine vehicle fleet. It is suitable for private events, trainings and seeing off or welcoming guests.

The limestone building from the twenties or thirties, located on the doorstep of Tallinn Airport at Tartu road was renovated with the help of the airport volunteers in the course of three years, preserving the originality and dignity of the value, and was completed in 2016. The nostalgic and private premises with a red brick design provide much joy of discovering the Tallinn Airport and Estonian aviation. The interior design creates a special atmosphere for the events. There are information boards and touch-screens on the wall with ten different areas of interest.

The building has two doors for entering the building as well as the private patio. The place is ideal for staff training, meetings, private concerts (good acoustics), photoshoot as well as for various client events and receptions. The room is equipped with a whiteboard, projector, and screen and has internet connection. Depending on the format of the event, it is possible to order catering and coffee breaks from our partner. Fresh drinking water is available at the site.
The courtyard that can be used at warmer times has a 30m2 patio with magnificent view of the airport, 5 picnic tables seating 10-12 people around each, a grill-set and a fine fleet of vehicles giving an insight to the vehicles that are necessary for ensuring smooth air service operations.

This is an exciting building that can be designed respectively:
Theatre style – seating 35 people

Catering can be ordered from a partner for an extra charge.
The airport museum building can be easily accessed by car as well as public transport.
The building has a private parking lot for 12 cars; for an extra fee you can also park in the parking station.

Good to know:

  • On national holidays, at night (22:00-00:00), during the weekend, ordering or changing the service 24-6 hours advance 20% will be added.