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COVID-19 Travel Document Requirements

Check the COVID-19 travel document requirements of your destination and transit countries from the same database that your airline will use to validate your documents at airports worldwide.

IATA Timatic

How to use the widget?

The widget is available in English language only. Information reliability is not ensured if you use a 3rd party translation app.

In order to check the COVID-19 travel document requirements, please fill in all fields. Make sure to include all your transit countries that you will pass through to reach your final destination.

IATA Timatic

IATA (International Air Transport Association) Timatic COVID-19 travel information widget is to be used to check COVID-19 travel documents and entry requirements for countries all around the world.

The widget is based on the IATA’s Timatic (Travel Information Manual Automatic) information system, which is used globally by airlines and travel agents to verify passengers travel document requirements for their destination and any transit points. It includes current entry conditions and restrictions for most of the countries worldwide.

The information is sourced from over 2,000 government and airline officials all around the world. It is a one-stop shop for the air travel’s industry most reliable and up-to-date travel and health document rules information.

More information about the system can be found on IATA’s website.

Why should I check my travel documents requirements from IATA Timatic widget?

At Tallinn Airport, the local ground-handling company, who represents your airline at our airport, validates all passengers’ travel documents based on Timatic’s database. Therefore, with obtaining information from the widget, the passenger can be sure that he/she and his/her airline share the same information about documentation requirements. This eliminates misunderstandings due to the use of different information systems and means fewer travel disruptions and surprises for passengers at the airport.

For your attention!

By using the widget, you agree with the Terms of Use. The information provided is updated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Tallinn Airport takes no responsibility for the validity of the data.

Please be aware that entry rules for countries are constantly changing. To make sure you have the latest information, please check the database directly before your flight. If you have any questions and concerns, we recommend you to contact the foreign embassy of your country of destination or transit.