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Self Bag Drop Service

Passengers travelling with airBaltic and SAS will be able to use the Self Bag Drop service for checked baggage. This means you don't have to contact the flight staff or wait in the check-in line to register your baggage.


Self Bag Drop service (only available on airBaltic and SAS flights)

  • Opening hours: 4:00- 21:00
  • Location: Check-in desks 1-4
  • You can drop your baggage up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Online check-in and a boarding pass is a prerequisite for self-service.

Bag Drop is not available and you need to contact the flight staff:

  • When travelling with a baby stroller or if baggage has been purchased on behalf of an adult travelling with an infant.
  • When travelling with ski equipment.
  • When travelling with a golf bag.

Self Bag Drop servisc is easy to use!

  • To start the process, passenger must scan their boarding card, then confirm the passenger’s name, flight number and destination and that there are no dangerous items in the bag.
  • Then the bag is weighed and the machine prints out the luggage tag, which then have to be attached, following the instructions.
  • Once the tag is in place, passenger must confirm this, place the bag on the conveyer belt and scan the barcode on the tag.
  • The conveyer belt then starts up and takes the bag to the sorting area.
  • Machine issues a receipt confirming that the luggage has been registered. Keep the reciept till the end of the trip.


A video showing how the self-service bag drop process works can be viewed here.