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Self-service bag drop

All passengers, who have check-in luggage and who are flying with airBaltic and SAS are able to register it themselves.

The bag-drop points are located at desks 1-4 and can be used by passengers who have checked in online. Bags can be dropped off up to 24 hours in advance and bag-drop service is open between 04:00-21:00.

Self-servise bag drop is easy to use!

  • To start the process, passenger must scan their boarding card, then confirm the passenger’s name, flight number and destination and that there are no dangerous items in the bag.
  • Then the bag is weighed and the machine prints out the luggage tag, which then have to be attached, following the instructions.
  • Once the tag is in place, passenger must confirm this, place the bag on the conveyer belt and scan the barcode on the tag.
  • The conveyer belt then starts up and takes the bag to the sorting area.
  • Machine issues a receipt confirming that the luggage has been registered. Keep the reciept till the end of the trip.


A video showing how the self-service bag drop process works can be viewed here.