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Pre-Flight Security Control

Pre-flight security control includes the screening of passengers and baggage pursuant to the requirements established by Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The security checkpoint at Tallinn airport

The security checkpoint is located on the first floor of the Tallinn Airport Terminal 1. You can view the exact location on the terminal map. Information on what can and should not be taken on board of an aircraft can be found here.

Passing security control

Boarding pass

The boarding pass check at Tallinn airport is electronic. Please place your boarding pass barcode in line with the e-gate reader and follow the instructions displayed at the e-gate.

Security lines

In order to carry out security checks, there are five modern parallel lines used at the airport. These types of lines allow the luggage that does not need to be opened to travel on a single line, where the passenger can retrieve it right away, and the luggage that needs additional check is moving to the other line and is further dealt with by the security worker.
Each route has 4 preparation places. There is also a guide at the checkpoint, who, if necessary, directs you to the free preparation place. There are clothes boxes at each preparation place – they are located in the cavity in front of the control line.Each traveler can use as many boxes as necessary for placing their belongings.

For faster and more convenient pre-flight security checks, we recommend that you make the following preparations:

  • Familiarize yourself well in advance with the list of prohibited articles in the hand luggage here and pack all the articles prohibited in the hand luggage early into the checked baggage.
  • If you still pack liquids in your carry-on baggage, use a one-litre, clear, resealable plastic bag, which is can hold liquids in containers smaller than 100 millilitres (1 plastic bag per passenger).
  • When you arrive at the conveyor belts at the security check, remove the bag of liquids and large electronic devices (such as a laptop and video and photo cameras, hair dryers) from the hand luggage and place them in the box of clothing separately from the hand luggage.
  • Remove outerwear and put it in the clothes box.
  • Empty your pockets and remove the trouser belt with a metal buckle and jewelry that can release alarm when passing through the arc.
  • Package light items (such as scarves, headphones, hats, cardigans) in a bag before placing them in the luggage box in order to prevent from getting damaged by rollers of the conveyer belt.

In the event that the items / substances that are prohibited to be carried on board of an aircraft are discovered with passengers or in their hand luggage, the passenger has the possibility to place these items in the checked luggage. This, of course, if these items/substances are allowed at all to be carried in the checked luggage of the aircraft. A traveler may also give these items/substances to the acquaintances who have come to see them off. If the traveler does not agree to either option, he / she will be able to put these items /substances in the storage box located on the 0-floor of the passenger terminal.
If you want a manual check (including hand luggage screening) to be carried out in a separate examination room, please inform the security staff of your wish!
NB! If you or your luggage is randomly selected by an automatic system for checking in the explosive detection equipment, please follow the instructions from the security officer. The check takes only a few minutes.

Transport Administration

Additional information about the requirements for flight security can also be found on the website of the Transport Administration.
Further information on prohibited items in cabin baggage can be found here.

The detection equipment used at Tallinn airport

Tallinn Airport uses the following equipment for examining passengers and their hand luggage:

  • Metal detector gates
  • The explosive detection device (a sample may be taken from both passengers and items accompanying them)
  • Hand-held metal detector
  • X-ray equipment
  • Body scanner ProVision2

The body scanner is a passenger examination system. This allows detecting prohibited articles that are different from the human skin and which he or she wears on the body or in the clothing.
With the body scanner, the privacy of the traveler is fully guaranteed, because his or her clothing and body are not displayed on the screen. Instead, a puppet shaped and gender-neutral general manikin is displayed. The scanner uses safe broadband radio signals and not X-rays for examining travelers. Read more about security scanner here.

All equipment is safe for passengers!

Security Control Is Conducted by G4S Estonia

Since 2000, the pre-flight security check and security service at the Tallinn Airport have been provided by G4S, the world’s leading provider of security solutions. In providing aviation security, G4S has extensive international experience. For example, the company is serving Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, London Heathrow Airport, Oslo Airport and Johannesburg Airport in South Africa. The G4S is the world’s largest security group, employing more than 530,000 people in 110 countries.