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Pregnant Passengers

We recommend that pregnant passengers ask their airline or the representative who sold them the ticket for detailed requirements for pregnant passengers before flying as these may vary from one airline to another.

  • When purchasing the ticket, you have to present a pregnancy card or other similar medical document.
  • A pregnancy card must be presented when flying during 34th or 35th week of your pregnancy. The flight duration of any part of the flight cannot exceed 4 hours. The doctor must issue the pregnancy card no more than 10 days before departure. The card must indicate the number of pregnancy weeks and the doctor must confirm that the pregnant woman is allowed to fly.
  • As of the 36th week of pregnancy, pregnant women are not allowed to fly, meaning that the return flight must take place before the 36th week of pregnancy.
  • New-borns are not recommended to fly (if born on term) within the first seven days after birth.