Due to the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus spreading, the Tallinn Airport has implemented a number of different measures to protect the health of passengers and employees.

1. Recommendations for passengers
2. Testing at the Tallinn Airport
3. Arrival at the airport and safety requirements to those staying at the airport
4. Air traffic and questions relating to airlines

Recommendations for passengers

Is the self-isolation requirement still applicable?

From 30 October, the duration of self-isolation after crossing the border was reduced to 10 days, from 14.

From 15 January, those arriving in Estonia (including Etonian citizens and inhabitants), coming from European countries with a cumulative number of positive virus tests of more than 150 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days have to stay in isolation. The obligation of self-isolation does not extend to cases where the relevant figure is less than 150.
According to the changes, from 15 January, arrivals from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are subject to an isolation period of ten days and a testing obligation. After the first negative test result, they are not allowed to perform unavoidable work duties, however, they are allowed to participate in an unavoidable family event. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from testing.

Is it possible to shorten the time of mandatory self-isolation?

With the decision of the Government of the Republic a procedure was established, according to which, from January 15, people who do not want to stay in self-imposed isolation for ten days after arriving in Estonia must take the coronavirus PCR test up to 72 hours before arrival in the country. While staying in Estonia, it is then possible to take the second test not earlier than on the sixth day after the first test taken abroad. A person is released from the ten-day isolation obligation prematurely if the results of both tests are negative.
Those who have not taken the test up to 72 hours before arriving in Estonia have the option to take the first test in Estonia immediately after arriving in the country and the second test not earlier than six days after taking the first test. The ten-day isolation obligation can be ended prematurely if the results of both tests are negative.

The Government decided to harmonise the testing times for travelling between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland with other countries. Upon arriving from Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, it is also required to take a test up to 72 hours before arrival in the country if exemption from isolation is requested.
Other exceptions from the isolation and testing obligation will continue to apply to travelling between Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Where and how can I fill in the passenger locator form?

All those arriving from a country with high infection rate must fill in the passenger locator form. The form can be filled in the Health Board’s self-service portal or on a paper at the border crossing. The form can be filled in by persons with Estonian identification code as well as foreigners arriving in the country and it can be filled at the earliest 24 hours before arriving in Estonia.

Is it possible to take the initial test at the airport?

Starting from 1 September, the people of Estonia can have themselves tested for free for coronavirus at the airport when returning from a country with high infection rate. Foreigners can take the test for a fee. Drawing up referrals for the test and testing takes place in order of arrival.

The airport asks for the passengers’ understanding and keeping a distance from each other if there is a need to wait for the test.

You can view the number of new infections in different countries here.

Testing at the Tallinn Airport

When is the airport testing facility open?

The testing facility is open pursuant to the flight schedule every day starting from the first arriving flight until the last arriving flight.

Who can test themselves at the airport?

All flight passengers arriving from destinations entered in the Foreign Ministry’s list of risk countries can get themselves tested.
Testing is based in order of arrival; it is not possible to reserve a number beforehand at the testing point.

Testing is voluntary and free for the Estonian residents, while foreigners will have to pay for the test (52€). Payment can be made by card at the site.
Those arriving by land must arrange a time for testing by phone via a test centre +372 678 0000 (Mon–Fri 9:00–17:00).

Does testing release from the self-isolation requirement?

Those arriving from risk countries can shorten their restriction on the freedom of movement with two PCR tests, first of which is taken up to 72 hours before arriving in the country or immediately after arriving in Estonia and the second test not earlier than six days after taking the first test.

How can I learn about the test result?

Negative test results will be communicated by a text message within 24–48 hours after taking the test. The results can be viewed also in the health information system

How to act after the first test?

  • Until the first test results are known, one must be in complete self-isolation.
  • In the case of a negative initial test result, you may go shopping, work upon agreement with the employer, however unnecessary contacts must be avoided.
  • After a second negative result, you can continue with your normal life.

How can I take the second test?

Those who have been tested can take the second test at their nearest testing point throughout Estonia. The second test can be arranged by phone 678 0000 (Mon–Fri 9.00–17.00). The second test is free as well.

A paid test can be taken at all service providers offering this possibility in Estonia (Confido Meditsiinikeskus, SYNLAB Eesti, Medicum, Qvalitas Arstikeskus, etc.). More detailed information and the price list is available on the homepages of the service providers.

Is it possible for departing passengers to take an antigen test at the airport?

Beginning from January 25, all passengers flying with direct flights from Tallinn to Amsterdam, Confido testing facility is open during the days where direct flights are scheduled on Monday and Friday between 04:00 and 06:30.
You can book a time for the antigen test at the webpage of Confido. Using the pre-booking system ensures social distancing at the airport and compliance with the 2+2 rule at our facilities. Without pre-booking, we ask you to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure time to leave sufficient time for all the testing procedures. Read more HERE.

Arrival at the airport and safety requirements to those staying at the airport

Are there special requirements for entering and staying at the Tallinn Airport?

The area of departing flights at the airport has been enclosed. We ask only those people to come to the airport, who are either taking a flight or coming from a flight. A 2+2 rule has been established at the airport – we ask the passengers to keep a distance of 2 metres from each other and move around in groups consisting of no more than 2 people. Disinfectants are available everywhere at the terminal.
Wearing a mask at the airport is mandatory, as these are public indoor premises, where according to the order of the Government of the Republic, you must wear a mask or cover your nose and mouth.

What kind of preventive measures are applied in the terminal to prevent the spread of virus?

The passenger terminal is cleaned more often and the frequently used surfaces such as service counters, boxes in the security line, handles of baggage trolleys, strollers, wheelchairs, elevator surfaces and surfaces of restrooms are covered with a nanotechnology based catalytic coating. Catalytic cover disinfects the surfaces continuously, using the light available in the room. This ensures the hygiene of the surfaces also between cleaning times. The coating destroys microbes which are the most common pathogenic organisms. The coating is safe for humans and the environment.
We perform static disinfecting of upholstered furniture and carpeting, which is faster and more efficient than other methods, as the electro-statically powered particles are finer and the disinfectant spreads better also into hidden places.
We installed UV light based air purifying units into the security zone ventilation system, which sterilise and clean the air of microorganisms (such as viruses and bacteria).
Hand disinfectants have been placed also in the terminal’s public and closed zones. Personal protective equipment and information on the prevention of virus have been distributed to the airport employees. To protect the passengers and employees, protective glass has been mounted to several service counters.
We mounted additional portable air purifying units into meeting rooms that are rented out.

How much sooner should I arrive at the airport?

We recommend arriving at the airport no later than 2 hours before the departure. Also, check-in desks of international flights will be opened 2 hours before the departure and in case of domestic flights, 1 hour before the departure. We advise checking in online and visiting a check-in desk only, if you want to drop off your checked-in baggage.
As we can only permit a limited number of passengers into the security check area, the security check may take more time than usual. Therefore, we urge you to take 2 hours for boarding the plane and arrive at the airport in good time.

Can I come to the airport to see off people or pick them up?

The passenger terminal area has been enclosed and we want the passengers and employees to have the possibility of keeping the 2m distance and avoid unnecessary contacts. Accordingly, we ask all people who have come to see off or pick up the passengers, to say their goodbyes and welcome outside the terminal and not to enter the passenger terminal. Only those going on a trip are allowed to enter the passenger terminal.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask at the airport?

Wearing a mask inside the passenger terminal is mandatory and we also ask you to follow the 2+2 rule. Also, several airlines have announced that wearing a mask on board of their planes is mandatory. If necessary, the personal protective equipment can be bought also at the shops in the passenger terminal.
Wearing a mask will reduce the spread of virus if it is worn in such internal premises, where there are a number of people together. Wearing a mask reduces the possibility that the drops of an infection reach the other people by social contact, coughing and sneezing. Also, a mask could be useful for a healthy person, if a virus carrier coughs or sneezes towards them. Wearing a mask helps to prevent from getting infected only if also other hygiene rules are followed and close contacts are avoided.

Is the body temperature taken or health check performed at the airport?

The temperature of passengers is not taken at Tallinn Airport. Also, no health checks are made. We would still like to stress that one should not come to the airport with symptoms of an illness or when sick, as this way you will put the health of airport employees and other passengers at risk.

Can I buy personal protective equipment at the airport?

Yes, it is possible to buy personal protective equipment at the shops in the open as well as enclosed area.

Where can I find the disinfectants?

There are additional disinfectants and disinfection stations placed for the passengers to the open and closed area of the terminal. In addition, there are disinfectants in all shops and catering establishments of the terminal. According to the scientists and health officials, disinfecting hands is one of the most efficient ways to prevent the spread of virus.
Furthermore, there are disinfecting tissues next to the baggage trolleys, which can be used to clean the handle of the trolley before using.

Are there any changes in the check-in procedures?

We ask all the passengers to perform the check-in online. This can be done on the homepage of your airline. If this is not possible or you need to drop of your baggage, we ask you to take sufficient time and follow the 2+2 rule in the check-in area and in queues.
To protect the passengers and employees, protective glass has been mounted to check-in counters. In addition, employees are advised to wear gloves and a protective mask.

How is the security check organised?

As everywhere else, the 2+2 rule applies also in security check. For that, only a limited number of people is allowed to the security check area at a time, which is why the security check could take more time. Please make sure to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure.
To protect the passengers and employees, the security officers wear personal protective equipment.

Are the airport’s shops and catering establishments open?

The cafes and shops in the territory of the airport are open, except for Klick, Subway and Tallinn Duty Free. It is possible to eat in the open as well as enclosed area. All shops sell personal protective equipment and there are also hand disinfectants available in the shops and cafes.

Are the VIP and Business Lounge open?

The VIP services and Business Lounge are open for passengers.

How is the spread of virus prevented on board of the plane?

Airlines have different rules for preventing the spread of virus. Most of the airlines have imposed an obligation to wear a mask on board of the plane. Examine the more detailed instructions on the homepage of your airline before your trip. The list of airlines is available here.

Where should I turn to for matters concerning the coronavirus?

The most recent and thorough information has been collected to the website created by the Government of the Republic, where you can find useful information about the virus as well as the restrictions applicable in Estonia.
In case of questions concerning health, call the family physician’s hotline 1220 or (+372) 634 6630 (can be called also from abroad).
The crisis line 1247 will provide you instructions for coping with the emergency situation and in matters relating to the coronavirus (24h, free). You can also find further information on the homepage of the Health Board.

Air traffic and questions relating to airlines

When will regular air traffic resume?

Starting from 1 January 2021, the flight restrictions do not apply anymore and this enables airlines to reopen the routes that so far were closed. Our goal is to restore the favourite routes of Estonians as soon as possible and offer a flight plan that corresponds to the demands in terms of flight times as well as destinations.

What are my rights if my flight is cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled, the airline must suggest an alternative flight or return the paid ticket fare. Please contact your airline or tour operator, to forward your further requests. It is not possible to reschedule flights at the Tallinn Airport, which is why we ask you not to visit the airport for that reason. Contacts of airlines can be found on the homepage of Tallinn Airport. If you are at risk of being stranded in some country, we recommend contacting also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will assist in organising the return, if necessary.

I have bought a ticket for a specific date. Where can I find out whether or not my flight takes place?

In matters concerning the flights, we recommend contacting directly the airline. Also, follow the real-time flight schedule on the homepage of the airport.

I want to change or cancel my planned flight. Who should I contact?

Please contact directly your airline or tour operator. If possible, try to change the flight tickets in the e-environment of the airline, as the queues in the call centres are very long at the moment. It is not possible to reschedule flights at the Tallinn Airport, which is why we ask you not to visit the airport for that reason.


When travelling, we advise keeping the following in mind:

  • Consult the Foreign Ministry website for the infection rate in your country of destination before planning the trip.
  • Stay up to date with possible travel restrictions in your country of destination – consult the Reisi Targalt website, the ReOpen portal of the European Union, and, if necessary, contact the foreign mission of the country of destination for details.
  • Register your trip at the Foreign Ministry’s Reisi Targalt website to allow the ministry to notify you of possible travel restrictions;
  • Follow the recommendations of the Estonian Health Board for a safe flight to protect your health and that of others – if you show symptoms, please postpone your trip and contact your GP;
  • Obtain travel insurance and carefully read the conditions of your insurance (including for travel interruptions caused by COVID-19);
  • In the country of destination, follow the instructions of local authorities and keep up to date with possible new restrictions;
  • On your return, follow the rules introduced in Estonia, monitor your health, and if you suspect you have been infected with the virus, contact your GP.
  • Starting from 1 September, all passengers arriving in the country via the airport can take a free initial coronavirus test at the airport (it is free for Estonian citizens, foreigners can take the test for a fee).


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