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Tips for Travelling with Baggage

People normally travel with baggage. In order for everything to go according to plan, we recommend that you review the airline’s baggage policy before travelling. When packing your suitcases you should keep in mind what you should place in your checked baggage and what is allowed in hand baggage.

When travelling with baggage, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure that there are no prohibited items in your hand baggage or checked baggage!
  • Further information on restrictions and prohibitions on goods in your baggage is available at the website of the Tax and Customs Board.
  • Abide by the airline’s weight limits because an additional fee is charged for exceeding the weight limit. If exceeding the limit is inevitable, it might be worthwhile to consider other options for shipping the baggage – e.g. by post.
  • Ask your airline for any applicable rules and additional fees if you have special or oversize baggage (e.g. golf equipment, bicycles, skiing equipment, surfboards, prams etc.).
  • If possible, place any fragile and valuable items as well as cash and documents in your hand baggage.
  • Make sure your baggage has a tag with your name and address and, if possible, use special markings to make it easier to distinguish. This will also make finding it quicker if it is lost.
  • In order to avoid your baggage getting dirty or damaged, the breaking of zippers, or the loss of items in your baggage, we recommend that you have the baggage wrapped in film before you check-in for your flight. You can do this conveniently at the airport.