Hand Baggage FAQ

Before the pre-flight security control we advise you to read through the frequently asked questions section. That may help you to prepare accordingly and us to provide all passengers smooth transition through the security control.

How to get through the security control quickly and smoothly?

We recommend that you pack all liquids in your checked baggage and make sure that your hand baggage does not contain other prohibited items. Follow the instruction of the security personnel! You should also consider the possibility that even if the baggage does not contain prohibited items, it may be subject to a random security check in the course of which the baggage is tested for explosives.

What is meant by ‘liquids’?

Many substances, such as drinks and perfumes, are obviously liquids. However, gels, pastes and aerosols, e.g. toothpaste, hair gel, cream, deodorant and shaving foam, as well as non-solid foods are also prohibited from the aircraft cabin as liquids.

Are water bottles and other drink bottles also prohibited?

Yes, if the water bottle is larger than 100 ml, it will not be permitted through the security control.

Are medicines allowed on board?
Yes, medicines and special diet foods you may need on board the aircraft can be taken on board in your hand baggage but these are all subject to inspection at the security control. We recommend that you pack your medicines (incl. liquid medicines) so that it will be easy to take them out of your bag to present to the security personnel.

Am I allowed to carry baby food in my hand baggage?
Yes, you are allowed to take the baby food you need on your trip through the security control. A sample will be taken of the foods and therefore we recommend that you pack them so that it will be easy to present them to the security personnel. Packages may be opened.


Can I use my own bag for the liquids?

Yes, we recommend that you do so. The plastic bag must be transparent, resealable and not larger than one litre. The contents must fit in the plastic bag properly and the bag must be completely sealed.

Can I have my contact lens solution in my hand baggage?

We recommend that you pack your contact lens solution in your checked baggage. If you need the contact lens solution during your flight, its container must be smaller than 100 ml.

Can I have nasal and cough sprays in my hand baggage?

Yes, if these are in containers smaller than 100 ml and are placed in a resealable plastic bag no more than one litre in capacity. If you, however, do not need these medicines during the flight, we recommend that you place these in your checked baggage.

What happens to the perfumes, beverages and other liquids I buy from the shops at the airport?

Alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and other liquids bought from shops at the airport are allowed on board aircraft. If necessary, these will be packaged in special STEB bags which enable these to be taken to your final destination if you travel through several airports.

Are sprat, Baltic herring in tomato sauce, bread, jam, honey, and other foods allowed on board aircraft in hand baggage?

Your hand baggage may contain solid or liquid foods, the packages of which are not larger than 100 ml. We recommend that you pack foods in your checked baggage or buy the foods from the airport’s souvenir shop “Goods of Estonia” which offers a wide selection of Estonian delicacies, including honey, bread from the island of Muhu, sprat, herring, cheeses etc.


Are nail scissors and pocket knives allowed on board?

If the length of the blade of the scissors or the knife does not exceed 6 cm, you can have the scissors or the pocket knife in your hand baggage. Nevertheless, we recommend that you pack any sharp objects or other items which may pose a threat to the aircraft’s crew or other passengers in your checked baggage.

Is Tallinn Airport the only airport where such strict rules are applied?

No, pre-flight security control includes the screening of both passengers and baggage pursuant to the requirements established by Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council and is likewise conducted in all Member States.

What happens to the liquids or other prohibited items found in the course of the security control?

You can leave prohibited items or liquids with the security worker who will have them destroyed. You can leave more valuable items at the airport safe deposit box (at the airport information desk) where you can pick them up when you return.