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Delayed or Damaged Baggage

Usually the flights go well and the baggage reaches the destination with the passenger. Sometimes, however, it happens that the baggage does not arrive on the same flight as the passenger or the suitcase has been damaged. So what should you do then?

Delayed baggage

If your baggage has not made it to the baggage carousel and the airline has already sent a notification to your email, continue filling in the delayed baggage file from the link sent to you, following the instructions sent by the airline. If you need help or if the airline has not sent you a notification, please contact the employee at the service desk.
You can also find QR codes for Finnair, SAS, Swiss, airBaltic and Lufthansa on the screen on the wall next to the service desk, which you can scan to fill in the application yourself.
As soon as the delayed baggage arrives in Tallinn, we will contact you to arrange its handover.

Damaged baggage

Airlines have set a time limit in their rules within which damaged baggage must be reported. It varies from airline to airline, so you should check this on the website of the airline you are flying with.

Passengers travelling with Ryanair, LOT Polish Airlines and Aegean should contact the airline directly.

For other airlines, if you find that your baggage has been damaged after you leave the airport, email us as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after arrival: [email protected]

The following information is mandatory to allow our employee to generate the report:

  1. Picture of the baggage tag
  2. Picture of the baggage
  3. Picture of the damage
  4. Picture of the boarding pass
  5. Telephone number
  6. Home address
  7. Year of purchase of suitcase
  8. Price of suitcase

A report will be prepared for you on the basis of this information. If you haven’t received a report in 48 hours, please contact us again: [email protected].