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Taking photos and filming at the airport

Filming and taking photos for personal, advertising or commercial purposes:
The prices of filming and taking photos include an attendant authorised by the airport and, if necessary, transport in the territory of the airport.

A request for filming or a taking photos must be submitted to Tallinn Airport at the address [email protected] at least 15 days before the planned shoot. In your request, please indicate the date and duration of the possible filming/photo session, the company, the number of participants and equipment, the purpose and the exact location.
The airport may refuse to grant its permission.

Based on the preventive measures established by Tallinn Airport, the following policies apply in the territory of the airport:

  • If the coronavirus risk is high or very high, taking photos and filming in the closed territory will be suspended by the airport.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in the territories of Tallinn Airport (including at entrances and on buses).
  • In the case of taking photos, filming and events in the closed territory of the passenger terminal, participants must present a COVID vaccination or recovery certificate.
  • Wearing a mask outdoors is not mandatory if compliance with the distancing requirement is guaranteed.
  • Only the obligation to wear a mask applies in the open territory of the passenger terminal.
  • At events organised by an external party, the organiser of the event is obliged to comply with and monitor compliance with all the rules established by the Government of the Republic of Estonia and Tallinn Airport.
  • Tallinn Airport has the right to refuse to approve any activities that are inconsistent with its corporate values or that jeopardise the safety, security and privacy of passengers and employees.

Filming and taking photos for news agencies: Media channels are not required to pay a fee when filming and taking photos of current events, but should contact the airport communications team at [email protected] before they start filing or taking photos.

If the coronavirus risk is high or very high, the access of reporters to the closed territory will be restricted by the airport.


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