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Route Development

Tallinn Airport (TLL) is an efficient and cosy airport located just 4 km from the city centre and handling over 3 million passengers a year. It is the primary airport used for visiting Estonia to experience its history, innovativeness and diversity.

By this we mean a destination increasingly attractive as a tourist destination with medieval heritage and a high-tech location known for its e-services, start-ups and ease of doing business. This creates a good business/leisure split for existing as well as potential new air services to/from Tallinn.


Our aviation marketing team will help to make sure everyone in Estonia hears and talks about your new route. We love crazy, outside-the-box ideas. Whether you’re opening a new route or want more publicity for an existing one, let’s get together and bring your ideas to life!


  • Joint events with airlines
  • Marketing campaigns to celebrate special occasions and new routes
  • PR support
  • Close cooperation with local tourism authorities