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Ground Handling

Ground handling of passengers, cargo and aircraft at Tallinn Airport is performed by Tallinn Airport GH, a subsidiary of Tallinn Airport Ltd.

Tallinn Airport GH serves all airlines and all types of aircraft from small private jets to the world’s largest passenger and cargo aircraft. The services cover everything necessary from receiving the aircraft at the airport until its departure. This includes check-in of passengers and baggage, loading of cargo and baggage, services and transport for the crew, servicing the aircraft, incl. cleaning the cabin, water and lavatory services, de-icing, and coordination of the complete process of servicing an aircraft. Additionally, Tallinn Airport GH offers ticket sales services and trainings in the Baltics and Northern Europe.

Information for Ground Handling Companies

The provision of ground handling services at Tallinn Airport is regulated and all service providers must meet the terms and conditions established by Tallinn Airport. If you’re interested in providing ground handling services, please see the terms of use of our infrastructure or send an inquiry at [email protected].