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Turkish Airlines has carried 50 000 passengers


Yesterday, Turkish Airlines, the Turkish national airline, flew its 50,000th passenger on the Istanbul-Tallinn route. The happy 50,000th passenger and the winner of the Turkish Airlines tickets was Algi Kangur.

Turkish Airlines 50k passengers

Turkish Airlines started flying Istanbul to Tallinn in June 2013 and 50,000 passengers have flown the route since then. Istanbul and Turkish Airlines have quickly increased their volumes and passengers have embraced the new destination. Turkish Airlines first began three weekly flights to Istanbul via Vilnius in order to ensure passenger volumes. Now, Turkish Airlines flies the Tallinn-Istanbul route direct four times a week and increases the number of flights during the summer season. From 30 March, you can fly to Istanbul every day. This is ideal for travellers because Istanbul is an excellent hub, from which many Estonians fly to other exotic destinations.

You can watch the video of the event: http://youtu.be/rvcnu_BI80s
Author of the video: Magnus Heinmets