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Three winning designs of the architectural competition of the Rail Baltica joint terminal announced at the Tallinn Airport


On November 6, the three winning designs of the architectural competition of the Rail Baltica joint terminal were announced at the Tallinn Airport and the exhibition of design concepts opened in the Airport gallery.

According to Riivo Tuvike, Chairman of the Management Board of Tallinna Lennujaam, the fact that the announcement and exhibition of the winning designs of the architectural competition take place in Tallinn Airport is a real landmark. “Compared to other capitals in Europe, the capital of Estonia is in a unique position where the airport and soon also the main terminal of Rail Baltica are located almost next to each other just outside the city. Already for the second year in a row, the number of passengers of Tallinn Airport passes the 3 million mark, the impact of which on Estonia’s economy is nearly 2.6% of GDP per year. I believe that alongside and in cooperation with Rail Baltica, we manage to create more and faster connections with the most distant parts of the earth, resulting in greater number of tourists and stimulating our economy even more,” Tuvike said.

The exhibition of the designs entered to the competition is open for everyone in the gallery of the Tallinn Airport until the end of the year.

Awards to the winning designs were handed over by the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Taavi Aas. “I have followed closely the developments in the Ülemiste district and in the light of the works of the architectural competition revealed today to the public I am more than convinced that the area will become one of the most attractive and synergistic districts in Tallinn also in terms of infrastructure. Three is a truly multimodal centre of transportation emerging, concentrating the railway, bus and air traffic in the future,” the said minister Aas.

The winners are:
Winner / I place and award 28,000 euros – LIGHT STREAM. The work was submitted by joint participants Zaha Hadid Architects and private limited company Esplan.
Winner / II place and award 21,000 euros – THE ÜLEMISTE LEAF. The work was submitted by Innopolis Insenerid OÜ.
Winner / III place – 14,000 euros – VIDEVIK. The work was submitted by joint participants: DBA Progetti S.p.A. and HML Project Management OÜ.

The idea design called SIHT was placed fourth and the work will be granted a talent award of 7,000 euros. The work was submitted by private limited company Molumba.

The works received during the architectural competition were ranked by a panel of 9 members, including Riia Sillave, the head of Rail Baltica Estonia, Allan Remmelkoor, member of the management board at Pro Kapital Eesti AS, Andrus Noor, development manager of AS Eesti Raudtee, Andrus Kaldalu, chairman of the supervisory board of Mainor Ülemiste, Endrik Mänd, long-term chief architect of the City of Tallinn, Mattias Agabus, preparer of the Ülemiste district’s structural design, Janis Dripe, an architect and former Minister of Culture of Latvia, Danish architects Jesper Gottlieb and Thomas-Grave Larsen.

Rail Baltic Estonia announced the architectural competition this May and the competition ended on September 3.