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The service level of Tallinn Airport is still among the best in Europe


The Airports Council International (ACI) recognised Tallinn Airport with the Best European Airport award for the third year in a row. According to passengers, the Estonian aerial gateway continues to be among the absolute best in Europe. In addition, the airport gained recognition also for the implementation of various preventive and safety measures during the pandemic.

According to Riivo Tuvike, the Chairman of the Management Board at Tallinn Airport, this acknowledgement is especially important given the current situation and is a sign that the Tallinn Airport continues to be the cosiest in the world. “The obtained recognition is meant for all employees of the airport – despite the complicated and challenging year, our service level continues to be high and our implemented preventive and safety measures have ensured that all the passengers feel great and safe with us. Thank you, all colleagues of the Tallinn Airport, for such dedication! I would also like to thank our passengers, who regardless of the various restrictions still show great appreciation to the Tallinn aerial gateway”.

The overall score of satisfaction with Tallinn Airport in 2020 – 4.56 points (on a scale of five) – placed us among the absolute best airports in Europe and brought along the Best European Airport 2020 award for the third year in a row. According to the tradition, the award will be solidarily divided between the TOP airports of the region. The passengers’ satisfaction increased 0.06 points compared to 2019, supported by low number of travellers due to the corona crises, which shortened the queues at the airport and thereby ensured even smoother itinerary.

According to Tuvike, the last year’s low number of passengers enabled to carry out construction works between the flights without disturbing the travellers. “This year we will start with the expansion works of the passenger terminal, which once again will place us in a novel situation – how to perform the building and expansion works without causing a decline in the passenger satisfaction and cosiness. Hearing out our passengers and gathering feedback is certainly important here, making it possible to introduce the necessary adjustments and continuing to offer top level service.

ACI or the Airports Council International is an international association of airports, which as at January 2021 connects 701 members, operating in 1933 airports of 183 countries. ACI represents the interests and viewpoints of airports and issues recommendations to ensure a common safety and security standard at the airports.