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The number of passengers in May grew fastest this year


In May, the number of passengers continued to increase at a fast pace: over 275 thousand passengers passed through Tallinn Airport. In average, 8885 passengers were served and 150 flight operations took place per day.
Since the beginning of the year, in total over 1 million passengers have been served, which is 15% more than during the same period last year.

“In May, our summer season was well launched, and a lot of the growth is based on the added holiday travellers. In addition to the summer destinations that were already launched,
in May, four already familiar routes (Athens, Hamburg, Odessa, Thessaloniki) and a new summer route to Korfu operated by Ellinair were relaunched. Additionally, Nordica launched a new route to Ohrid in Macedonia,” said Eero Pärgmäe, the commercial director of Tallinn Airport.

In May, the number of regular travellers increased by 16% supported by a 12% increase in the number of seats offered. The average percentage of filled seats increased to 71. The largest number of additional passengers have been brought by Nordica and SmartLynx. The airline with the largest market share is Nordica, having served about 23% of the passengers. 15% of the passengers flew with Air Baltic in May; in total, 12 airlines had regular flights from Tallinn. For direct flights, it was possible to choose between 37 destinations, of which the most popular ones were Helsinki, Frankfurt and Riga, followed by Stockholm, London and Warsaw. A half of all the travellers are using the above six airlines for their air travel. In comparison to last year, the greatest number of flights were added to Helsinki where Finnair is operating up to ten flights per day. Also, the frequency of flights to Copenhagen increased: in addition to SAS, also Nordica started to fly there at the end of April. Since the beginning of the year, the largest number of regular fliers have been added to the Warsaw line. Moreover, the number of charter passengers has increased by over 30%. Characteristically of the season, the most popular charter destinations were Turkey and Greece, in May also the travel package series to Bulgaria began.

As summer is the high season of air travel, the number of passengers is expected to further increase in June. On June 16th, Nordica is opening a summer line to Constanta by the Black Sea, and on June 21st, economy airline Wizzair will start flights from Kiev to Tallinn.