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The number of passengers grew by eight per cent in February


In February, 211,698 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport, being by 8% more than the year before. Tartu Airport saw an increase of 29.4% in the number of passengers compared to last February, amounting to 2,499 in the previous month.

“It is great to see that the people and visitors of Tartu are increasingly using the convenient direct flight opportunity,” Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport admitted and added that this is a promising sign for increasing the number of flights also in the future. In addition, also the leap year had a positive impact on the growth in the number of passengers.

“Although the total result of the month was really positive, we could see the initial effects of the corona virus at the end of February. At the same time, it only concerned a moderate reduction in the number of passengers on Milano and Frankfurt routes,” Pärgmäe noted. Yet, he believes that this is a temporary decline and the impact of virus cannot be long-term. “I guess that in summer months we will see the people travel again without fear or worries,” he added

In February, the passengers could fly to 28 direct destinations, while last year, the number of destinations was 26. The biggest traveller volumes are witnessed in the main hubs: Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Frankfurt and Warsaw, which are used by nearly one-half of the passengers. Air traffic is the densest from Tallinn to Stockholm with up to eight flights a day and to Helsinki, with up to seven flights a day.