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The new parking house of the airport accommodates three times as many cars as before


On December 21st, a new parking facilities will be opened to passengers, which is the largest one in Estonia and built for passengers who require quick, easy and convenient parking service.

According to Piret Mürk-Dubout, chairman of the board of Tallinn Airport, the first task of the airport is to offer quick, high-quality and convenient services to every passenger who frequently uses the airport. “When we started the construction of the new parking garage, we set the same principles as our goal – parking a car must be first of all easy and convenient, and in our climate it is important that a car can be parked under a roof,” said Piret Mürk-Dubout.

According to Mürk-Dubout, the need for a new parking house arose due to the increasing number of passengers. “This year, nearly 3 million passengers will have passed through Tallinn Airport, which is an average of 8,000 passengers per day. In the longer run we will be ready to serve 5 to 6 million passengers a year, which has in turn started several development projects at the airport – last year, the new VIP section and the security check area were completed, we opened a new public transport terminal and a tram line. In the next years, we shall continue the expansion of the passenger terminal,” said Piret Mürk-Dubout. “All is done to ensure the convenience of passengers at Tallinn Airport.”

The parking facilities to be opened is the largest one in Estonia, with capacity for 1,242 cars which is three times more than before. The parking garage has a system for directing drivers to vacant spots, which makes it easier to find a parking place. At the beginning of next year, relevant information displays will also be placed next to Tartu Road, so that a driver can decide for a suitable parking floor well ahead.

There is license plate detection upon entry to and exit from the parking garage, which offers ticket-free service to monthly subscribers and automatic opening of the bar those who have paid for a single ticket. The price of parking will remain the same as before.

There is a service and waiting area for taxis in front of the terminal. The short-term “Kiss & Fly” parking zone will now be on the second level, which ensures convenient access to the terminal also in bad weather. For movement between floors, in addition to the stairs and the four escalators, there are also four elevators which are mainly designed for passengers with movement difficulties and families with children.

“As the first airport in the world, we now offer electronic and safe bicycle storage opportunity, in partnership with the Estonian company Bikeep,” Piret Mürk-Dubout said.

In 2016 to 2020, Tallinn Airport will invest over 100 million euros in development of the infrastructure. The cost of the parking house is 13 million euros.