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The highest level of air traffic of all times


In June, nearly 300 thousand passengers passed through Tallinn Airport, which is the largest number of passengers ever served. Both the average (about 10,000) and the largest number of passengers served in one day (about 13,000 passengers) reached a record-breaking level. Compared to last June, the number of passengers increased by 15%, which is in line with the average growth level of the current year. As the summer months are traditionally the high season for travelling, continued growth in the traffic may be expected in July and August.

Compared to last year, airlines added the largest number of flights to the Helsinki line, as well as Copenhagen, Warsaw and Kiev; the third daily flight to Moscow was also added. The number of passengers remarkably increased also in the Saint Petersburg line with added flights by Nordica. A newcomer was added to the portfolio of airlines: Wizzair, one of the largest economy airlines in Europe, starting flights from Kiev, Zhuliany Airport three times a week. Nordica reopened the seasonal line to Rijeka and new summer lines to Ohridi and Constanta. Seasonal flights to Barcelona were also balanced by Spanish economy airline Vueling. In total, regular flights took place in June to 41 destinations, in average, 150 landings and take-offs took place on a daily basis.

The number of charter passengers increased by 10% in June; characteristically to the season, the most popular travel package destinations were Turkey, Greece and the coast of Bulgaria. Tivat, a resort in Montenegro, has been added to the chart as a fresh charter destination.