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The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications decided on the countries to where routes may not be opened from Monday


Today, Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas signed an order not to fly from Estonia to countries with a high risk of being infected with COVID-19, listing out the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, Belarus and Russia and prohibiting flights to these countriues from tomorrow.

“To slow down the spread of the virus, we can first open routes with countries where the spread of the virus is small enough based on the statistics of the last 14 days. For the sake of clarity, I emphasize that although the order also bans flights to Denmark at the moment, it is predicted that the epidemiological situation there may have improved enough in the coming days to be able to fly there,” added Aas.

The Ministry bases the authorization and prohibition of destination countries on the morbidity rate of other countries, which must be 25 or fewer people per 100,000 inhabitants during the last 14 days to open the route. The Ministry reviews the epidemiological situation in the countries of destination daily and opens or restricts the opening of routes according to the spread of the virus.

As of May 18, routes to Germany, Poland, Norway, Austria, Latvia and Lithuania are likely to open without restrictions. At the same time, the opening of routes also depends on the rules of the destination country itself. As in Estonia, there are restrictions upon travelling to other countries as well, which should be taken into account when planning trips.

The restriction of destination countries banned today is valid from May 18th till  June 7th, after which the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, in co-operation with the Health Board, will assess the further necessity of the restriction. The restriction between Minsk and Tallinn applies from May 24, as people are expected to return to Estonia through Minsk until May 23.