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The employees of Tallinn Airport ride electronic scooters


In order to make sure that the customer service in the big parking station of Tallinn Airport is quicker, the employees of the parking station were given electric scooters.

Together with the completion of the new parking station, there was an immediately need for an efficient vehicle which would help the employees to move fast between the different levels of the parking lot. A small and compact e-scooter that does not pollute the air is the best solution for that. Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport: “The range of electric vehicles has become so extensive and of high quality that the decision to use specifically this solution to increase the efficiency of employees was the most reasonable one.”

The Tallinn Airport territory is so big that it takes considerable time even to walk from one side of the parking lot to the other. Martin Grünberg, the head of the Airport Passenger Terminal: “I am truly happy that our employees, who must cover great distances in a day, can now save shoe leather with electric scooters that do not pollute the air or eat up fuel.

The solution that corresponds to the specific needs of the airport was found in cooperation with the importer of e-scooters, Fortunati Group EU. Mart Einpalu, the CEO of Fortunati Group, adds that electric scooter is an excellent alternative vehicle in densely populated areas: “Tallinn Airport is like a campus; it is an ideal example of a place where an electric means of transport resolves the transport needs of people without increasing the carbon footprint.”

The GPad Joyride e-scooters, introduced in Tallinn Airport have been adjusted to meet the needs of staff, enabling to ride at a speed of up to 25 km/h; the bikes have a basket to carry items and can be equipped with winter tires.