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Tax free vouchers will be electronically processed


Last week, a pilot project launched in cooperation between Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Tallinn Airport and Global Blue Eesti OÜ for inculcation of procedure on electronic tax-free receipts issued to private tourists.

TaxFree terminal lennujaamas

Tallinn Airport has installed a terminal through which it is possible for a foreign tourist to register electronically the export of goods purchased from a tax-free shop outside of the union. Data processing system analyzes the receipt information and its conformity with risk criterions and parameters entered into the system, and make a decision to either confirm the export of goods or direct the goods in physical control.

Travelers from outside the European Union may purchase goods from tax-free shop with refund of value added tax. Sales with VAT refund means that the VAT included in the price of goods is refunded to the buyer, if he exports them outside the European Union.

According to Global Blue data, Tallinn Airport is the first compulsory reporting point in Europe where such terminal will be tested. Next chosen point is Vienna International Airport. Planned duration of the pilot project is six months.