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TAP Portugal direct route TLL-LIS is now open


Today, on 4 July, TAP Portugal started direct flights on Lisbon-Tallinn route. TAP Portugal’s Tallinn-Lisbon flights will also make several destinations in South-America and Africa more accessible for passengers.

Tap Portugal esimene lend

“We’ve been waiting for such an opportunity long and there are several reasons now to feel pleased. Adding TAP Portugal to the list of airlines departing from Tallinn will expand the number of available destinations and options to make it to a number of highly interesting destinations with just one connecting flight – the Azores, Madeira, Cabo Verde islands and Brazil, and also a number of locations in Africa being on the list. In addition, the arrival of TAP to our market will help businessmen and holiday makers save several hours of flight time while offering utmost comfort and excellent services,” said Erik Sakkov, a member of the Management Board of Tallinn Airport.

Regular flights on Tallinn-Lisbon route will take place three times a week, early Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning. Flights to Lisbon are the longest regular flights, 3,314 km, so far operated by from Tallinn. TAP Portugal will operate the flights, using Airbus 320 type carriers and the flight will take around 5 hours. Today, the national Portugal airline, TAP Portugal, operates 71 aircrafts to fly to 76 destinations in 34 countries. TAP Portugal has several times won international recognition for offering connections to Africa and South America and high-quality operations (World’s Best Airline to South America 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012; World’s Leading Airline to Africa 2011, 2012). In addition, TAP Portugal was chosen the best European airline in 2011 and 2013, winning the Best European Airline award.

In Tallinn Airport, the inaugural flight was received with celebrations – the aircraft was given Water Salute; both passengers and the crew were offered cake and, touched by the Song Festival time, a choir, wearing decorative folk costumes, sang to both the arriving and departing passengers.

TAP Portugal welcomes you on board with arms wide open!

the most different destinations – the Azores, Madeira, islands of Cabo Verde and Brazil and other interesting destinations with only one connecting flight. The entrance of TAP into our market will help our businessmen, vacationers and other visitors to save several hours in real time, at the same time offering top comfort and excellent service. Also, now it will be considerably easier to fly to the football World Championship from Tallinn,” Sakkov added.

The flight to Lisbon will be the longest regular flight that has ever been operated from Tallinn, with the distance being 3314 kilometres. TAP Portugal will operate the route with A320 family airplanes (A319, A320 and A321) and the flight time will be around 5 hours.

Currently the Portuguese national airline TAP Portugal flies 71 airplanes to 76 destinations in 34 countries. On several occasions TAP Portugal has gained international recognition for connections to Africa and South-America, and for high-quality operation (World’s Best Airline to South America 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012; World’s Leading Airline to Africa 2011, 2012). In addition, TAP Portugal was elected the best airline company in Europe in 2011 and also this year.