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Tallinn Craftory pop-up store opened


We are genuinely delighted to welcome Tallinn Craftory, one of the venerable flagships of Estonian crafts, whose pop-up shop is now up at the Airport until mid-June. At the shop, you can feel with your own hands unique products designed and made in Estonia, buy them for yourself or take them along as presents.

Tallinna Nahatöökoda

These unique products have been designed and made in Estonia. Mihkel Männik, head of Tallinn Craftory, remarked that their small but busy team are hard at work to craft distinctive leather products dominated by the beauty of vegetable tanned leather along with simple and contemporary design. “We follow the example of saddlers and traditional leather crafts, but without the ornament and in a slightly more minimalist form,” Männik added.

Moreover, with the help of the shop assistant you can make your own distinctive leather bracelet or key case on the spot. Pick your favourite from the product range of Tallinn Craftory and take Estonian crafts with you into the world!
If you are in a hurry to catch a flight and do not get a chance to stop by the pop-up shop at the Airport, see more at www.nahk.ee