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Tallinn Airport will involve G4S security officers in taking the temperature of the arriving passengers


Last week, Tallinn Airport introduced thermal cameras to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Starting from tomorrow, 12 March, also the G4S security officers will besides volunteers assist in monitoring the measurement of body temperature of the arriving passengers at the airport.

“Considering the current situation in the country, we found that as a gateway to the country, Tallinn Airport has a part to play in facilitating the prevention of the spread of virus and contributing additionally to assisting the state and the volunteers. The airport has very good cooperation with G4S, and we are pleased that they are helping us out in the current situation, to support the work of the Estonian Red Cross volunteers and assisting in identifying potential cases of illness,” said Tarvi Pihlakas, Tallinn Airport’s aviation security chief. “Involving additional resources enables direct communication with more passengers and helps the Red Cross volunteers to provide health consultations, if necessary.

The information leaflets of the Health Board and disinfectants are still available in the territory of the airport; disinfecting towels have been placed near the baggage trolleys, which can be used for cleaning the trolley before their use.

According to the Health Board, the risk of bringing in single cases of coronavirus is very high, the likelihood of local limited transmission of illness is medium to high, the likelihood of extensive transmission of the illness locally is low, if sufficient prevention measures are implemented.

To prevent the infection, one must observe the customary rules of hygiene – wash hands and avoid contact with persons manifesting symptoms of a respiratory disease. After returning from a risk area, the health must be monitored for 14 days. In case fever, cough or shortness of breath occurs, immediately contact a doctor, ask for advice on the family physician’s helpline 1220, if necessary, call the ambulance. Corona virus should be suspected if you have recent travel experience from the area where the virus is spreading as well as the symptoms characteristic to the disease. Additional information www.koroonaviirus.ee