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The Tallinn Airport will close the car park in front of the terminal from 15 November for the construction works.


In connection with the preparations for the construction of a new parking station, the Tallinn Airport will close from 15 November the short-term parking in front of the passenger terminal and will expand the A2 car park, initially designed for long-term parking, by 400 parking spaces. The new parking station with 1100 spaces will be completed by the beginning of 2019.

According to the manager of the passenger terminal, Asko Kivinuk, the number of parking spaces will remain the same in the territory of the airport also for the time of the construction works. “During the construction works lasting throughout the next year, it will be possible to get from the A2 car park to the passenger terminal through the gallery connecting the tram stop, to be completed by mid-November,” Kivinuk noted. “We apologise to our passengers for the inconvenience, however the parking station to be completed in a year will be worth that effort,” Kivinuk added.

Starting from 15 November, entrance of the main car park will be closed, however the cars already parked there can stay until 1 December, when the construction starts. “After 1 December, we shall contact the owners of the cars staying in the car park through the police and if necessary, will tow the cars to A2 car park,” Kivinuk specified.

The upper parking lot in front of the terminal – the so-called “kiss&fly” – will still remain open for taxies and vehicles seeing off the passengers. Buses will stop in front of the lower level of passenger terminal until 1 December, after that next to the tram stop.

Access to A2 car park is through the Northern and Southern access road of Lennujaama tee.

Due to increased demand and changes in the parking arrangements, the Tallinn Airport will also adjust the price list of A2 car park, raising the price of parking by 4 euros for one day. “In October, the occupancy rate of our main car park was at times up to 118 per cent, which is why we need to make adjustments also in the parking price list to regulate the demand,” Kivinuk said.

The total cost of the parking station to be completed by the beginning of 2019 will be nearly 13 million euros and the construction contract was concluded with KMG Inseneriehituse AS and Latvian company AS LNK Industries. The future 3-level parking station will be divided into five interconnected buildings. Moving ramps, elevators and stairwells will be established on the border of the connection between the passenger terminal and the future parking station, which in turn are interconnected with the illuminating surface with covered roof, extending through the floors.