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Tallinn Airport was once again awarded with the Gold Label of Responsible Business Index


Tallinn Airport received the Gold Label of Responsible Business Index for the third consecutive time. The label is granted to an enterprise who serves as a role model and compass and whose activity is intertwined with the principles of corporate social responsibility – natural and voluntary integration of the economic, environmental and social measure into everyday operations, management and business strategy of an enterprise.

“I would like to thank and congratulate all the employees of the airport, with whom we work hard on a daily basis to make sure that the company is well managed, served and is environmentally and socially responsible. Responsible conduct is a part of our everyday activity, especially today, when the situation in aviation and economy is complicated and accordingly, also more challenging than usual,” said Riivo Tuvike, Chairman of the Management Board at Tallinn Airport.

Tuvike underlined that applying for the label and the feedback obtained serve as a good checkpoint and target setter. “The environmental topics, for example, have been our priority for years already, but it is an area where we still have scope for improvement.”

The Responsible Business Forum is an association of enterprises, founded in 2005, who aims at contributing into a healthy and transparent business landscape. Today, the network comprises 71 members of different size of companies, social enterprises and 3 private persons. Also, networks of enterprises as associates.

Membership is a signal that the enterprise would like to contribute to the society by doing more than required under law!