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Tallinn Airport: travel responsibly and take direct flights


As restrictions are being lifted, airlines are reviving their flight schedules, so it will be possible to fly to 26 destinations directly and to 14 destinations by charter flights rom Tallinn Airport during the summer.

In addition to the 22 direct flight destination currently in the flight schedule, routes to Brussels, Rome and Zürich, and then Vilnius will open during the summer (starting on 18 June, 2 July and 2 August respectively). Primary destinations of package tours are Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Cyprus, Portugal and Georgia. The list of all the available destinations can be viewed on the airport’s web page.

Eero Pärgmäe, the Chief Commercial Officer at Tallinn Airport, says the easing of restrictions all over Europe has been a clear signal that travelling is allowed once again. “Summer weather in Estonia is highly changeable, and airlines are eager to tempt passengers back on board with great offers, so now is the right time to be planning summer travel as well as booking plane tickets and package holidays. The winter and pandemic fatigue seems to have made people yearn for travelling and positive emotions even stronger,” Pärgmäe elaborates.

Pärgmäe believes the number of travellers here and in Europe will be increasing rapidly in the summer months and recommends keeping calm and travelling responsibly. “There is no talk yet about such carefree travelling as we remember from before March 2020. You certainly must act responsibly and follow all the rules established by various countries and airlines, but it has all become much easier than a couple of months ago,” he notes.

“The relevant rules are likely to become uniform across the European Union in the near future, and preparing for a trip will be much easier. Work is underway today to ensure that passengers can reach the plane as fast as possible, and we are doing it by automating checks.” Still, Pärgmäe recommends coming to the airport well in advance and making sure you know the restrictions effective in your destination (and in the transit state if you have a connecting flight) by reviewing them on the web page Reisi targalt [‘How to travel smart’].


  • Starting on 1 July, the EU Digital Covid Certificate will be available in all the EU member states. Destination countries will be able to enforce additional regulations and restrictions. For your trip to go smoothly, make sure to do some homework and find out what these restrictions and requirements are.
  • To do this, study all the information provided by the airline, talk to you tour operator’s consultants, or go to the web page https://reisitargalt.vm.ee/, which is also very helpful.
  • Starting on 10 June, Estonia has been using new digital COVID certificates which meet the European Union standard, and Estonian residents can generate the certificates proving they have had a negative test or have recently recovered from Covid-19 in addition to a vaccination certificate, using the national Patient Portal.
  • Please come to the airport well in advance because checking all the documents and certificates related to Covid-19 takes more time than before.