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The Tallinn Airport is tomorrow opening an extension of the passenger terminal


On Friday the Tallinn Airport will open an extension of the passenger terminal. It is the security check area, now double the size compared to the previous one that has changed the most for passengers.

The extension has been designed and constructed by Astlanda Ehitus OÜ, winner of the contract, and it cost 5.2 million euros. The surface of the terminal grew by 4000 square meters.

According to the Chairman of the Management Piret Mürk-Dubout, one can be sure that the airport is ready for the upcoming EU presidency. “There is some work that will be still going on behind the scenes throughout the summer but the modifications that are necessary for the presidency have been finalized and we can receive our guests in an appropriate way, “ said Mürk-Dubout. “I would like to acknowledge the contribution of all our partners who participated at the construction, because the extension that according to the initial schedule was supposed to be finished by November was actually finalized just before the beginning of the presidency. I would also like to thank all the passengers for their patience putting up with certain inconveniences at the passenger terminal due to the construction activity during the last six months,” added Mürk-Dubout. All through the summer works at the tram stop at the northern end of the passenger terminal will continue.


From Friday the pre-flight security check will be carried out at the new premises of the southern end of the terminal. Compared to the previous security check area, the size of the new area has almost doubled and new baggage screening conveyors have been introduced. The length of the new conveyors is 17-20 meters compared to the previous ones, 11 meters long. This gives the passengers more time to prepare for the security check and to arrange their things after the check. Altogether five conveyors can be used.

The conveyors have two parallel belts; this allows the baggage that has passed the security check to move on one belt and the baggage that requires a complementary check, on another one. This is substantially timesaving at the security check for passengers who have packed their luggage correctly. The capacity of one conveyer is 230 people per hour on the condition that the passengers have packed their luggage correctly and taken out the electron devices, the liquids and the food. The capacity of the current conveyers is 120 persons per hour.

The new conveyers were supplied by the company called Vanderlande from Holland, the necessary software is from OptoSecurity. Similar conveyers are used for example at the Brussels airport, nevertheless, the ones in Tallinn are custom-made taking in account the specificities and needs of the Tallinn Airport. On the side of the departures, a café with a terrace will open.

At the end of June, new premises for the VIP passengers were finished. The whole VIP complex was brought to one level, the the additional surface is 343 square meters. Two more rooms, that in case of necessety can be devided have been added to the existing two rooms of the VIP area. Also the security check area has been extended. In six different halls more than 150 clients can now be attended to.

On Friday the the upper level in front of the terminal and the road to access it composed of a roundabout and a trestle will be opened for traffic. The junction was built by Viamer Grupp OÜ, the cost of it was approcimately 950 thousant euros. Also a new taxis’ wating lane was added for 40 veichles.