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Tallinn Airport surpassed 2014 total passenger volume already in November this year


Last November was particularly eventful for Tallinn Airport, however the total number of passengers decreased only by 1.8 per cent.

Tallinn Airport’s Chief Commercial Officer Eero Pärgmäe said that a number of notable developments occurred in Estonian aviation in November, including the termination of operations by Estonian Air and the launch of operations by Nordic Aviation Group. „The overall passenger numbers were impacted more by the Lufthansa strike and the cancellation of several charter flights to Egypt, the latter’s influence will be evident throughout the winter season,“ noted Pärgmäe.

The Lufthansa strike took place between 6th and 13th of November, altogether 11 scheduled flights were cancelled. At the same time SAS added new regular flights to Stockholm and Copenhagen from Tallinn. The overall number of regular passengers remained at last year’s level, even slightly increasing by 0.3 per cent. The total passenger volume decreased slightly due to changes in charter traffic.

The Stockholm route became the most active destination in November, for example the 44th week of the year saw 49 flights on this route, or 7 flights per day on average. The highest increase in passenger numbers occurred on the routes to Riga and Helsinki, the greatest decline was caused by the Lufthansa strike on the Frankfurt route.

Tallinn Airport passed the 2 million passengers mark on the 23rd of November. „Additionally we surpassed last year’s total passenger volume on the 27th of November and will end the year with the second best all-time result already for the third year in a row,“ added Pärgmäe.