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Tallinn Airport signed a construction contract of a new parking station


The representatives of the Tallinn Airport, KMG Inseneriehituse AS and a Latvian company AS LNK Industries signed today a construction contract, according to which a parking station for 1100 vehicles will be built at the Tallinn Airport by 2019.

According to Tõnu Mühle, the Director of Infrastructure Development of the Tallinn Airport, the increasing number of passengers passing the airport sets additional requirements also to parking facilities. “The parking area currently used in front of the airport accommodates 450 vehicles and during peak periods the passengers find it difficult to find a parking space for their vehicles,” Mühle noted. “This is a much needed investment, as it improves notably the access to the airport and the quality of service offered to the passengers,” Mühle underlines.

The cost of the contract will be nearly 13 million euros. Planning starts now, however the construction activity will begin in January 2018. The estimated time for the completion of the construction works is 1 January 2019.

For the construction period, the Tallinn Airport will expand temporarily the car park A2 towards the Ülemiste hotel. Taxis will be guaranteed access to the passenger’s terminal throughout the construction period.

The 3-level parking station will be divided into five interconnected buildings. Moving ramps, elevators and stairwells will be established on the border of the connection between the passenger terminal and the future parking station, which in turn are interconnected with the illuminating surface with covered roof, extending through the floors. The upper level of the parking station will be on the same height with the parking area in front of the passenger terminal; accordingly, the view opening from the passenger terminal to lake Ülemiste or the view of those driving on the Tartu Road to the terminal building that reminds of a farm building, will not be lost.