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Tallinn Airport served 66,679 passengers in the busiest week of the year


In August, 284,600 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport, which is 0.8% fewer than last year, while a record 66,679 passengers travelled through the airport in the 34th week of August, a record for a week this year. Since the start of the year, 1.96 million passengers have travelled through the airport, which is 10% or 184,000 passengers more than in the same period last year.

In August, 15 airlines operated scheduled flights from Tallinn Airport, flying passengers to 32 different destinations. AirBaltic offers the highest number of direct flights with 16 destinations. There were also charter flights in addition to regular flights and they accounted for 11% of the total number of passengers. The most popular destinations for charter flights were holiday regions in Turkey, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Almost half of all passengers flew to the major hubs of Riga, Stockholm, Helsinki, Frankfurt and Warsaw.

A total of 3,543 flight operations, i.e. an average of 114 arrivals and departures per day, took place in August. The peak hours of departures are mostly early in the morning, but the busiest times were Monday and Friday mornings, when 7 flights departed between 7-8 am, with a total of around 750 passengers.

Eero Pärgmäe, Member of the Management Board of Tallinn Airport: “Looking at ticket pricing, it’s becoming clear that the market between budget airlines and traditional carriers is becoming more even. Classic airlines are already offering low-cost tickets with no extras, whereas they mostly offered ‘all-inclusive’ tickets in the past. This means that when buying a flight ticket, passengers must pay more attention to what services are included. Finnair, for example, recently changed its pricing, which means that you can now only take a computer bag on board when flying with the most affordable ticket.”

Although the peak summer season at the airport is coming to an end, we would like to point out that before you go travelling, you should check what is included in the ticket you have bought, i.e. how much baggage is included in the fare, whether your travel documents are in order (for example, you can’t go to England with an ID card, but only with a passport), whether your pet’s cage meets the requirements, what restrictions have been imposed by the country of destination, etc. Your trip will go more smoothly when you prepare for it properly.

A total of 6,691 passengers were served at regional airports, including 4,227 in Kuressaare, 2,157 in Kärdla, 172 in Pärnu and 135 in Tartu.