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Tallinn Airport joined the CSR Declaration


On April 3, 24 public undertakings and the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Rene Tammist signed at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications an agreement on following the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR), to lead the way in applying the principles of sustainable management.

Tallinn Airport has been awarded with the golden award for corporate responsibility already twice. The prize is awarded by the Responsible Business Forum (www.csr.ee). “We have applied the corporate social responsibility principles in our activities for a long time now. Today, these values in entrepreneurship are rather a standard than an exception. An agreement between public undertakings clearly shows that these principles have been widely accepted and approved also on the state level,” Piret Mürk-Dubout commented.

Corporate Social Responsibility means the natural and voluntary incorporation of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of a corporation into the everyday operations, management and business strategy of a company. Responsibility is a way of thinking that shows how a business is operating daily, how it is making its big and small decisions, and how, thereat, other people and the environment is taken into consideration.

With the newly signed voluntary agreement the public undertakings show their aspiration and will to implement the CSR principles. “Already now there are quite a few very good examples and models among public enterprises, who are applying the CSR principles,” Rene Tammist noted.
In its everyday and strategic decisions, Tallinn Airport considers with the corporate social responsibility principles and follows the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations. The goal is to promote the health and welfare of the society, improve employment and economic growth, develop in a sustainable manner, create sustainable innovations and reduce the impact on the environment.