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Tallinn Airport is the best in Europe according to passengers


Airports Council International (ACI) awarded the service quality of Tallinn Airport with Airport Service Quality Award 2018. According to passengers, the Estonian air gateway is the best one in Europe in the category of airports with up to five million passengers, together with London City, Zagreb and Southampton International airports.

According to Piret Mürk-Dubout, chairman of the board of Tallinn Airport, Tallinn Airport and its team have worked for years with a purpose to be the most convenient air gateway for passengers and aviation companies where the passengers would feel at home. “The award is a recognition for the whole airport team because last year we managed to increase our number of passengers to three million while building the largest parking garage in Estonia, ensuring convenient and smooth service and safety to the passengers.” Mürk-Dubout added that even though the construction of the parking garage somewhat disturbed the passengers, it was compensated for by good value offering and service in other areas.

The best airports in Europe were determined as a result of a survey that took place last year in 109 European airports where passenger surveys were carried out at the gates of departing flights, and the top performers were listed based on the feedback on the quality of various services. “The award is special because it came thanks to the positive feedback of passengers, which shows that people feel good at Tallinn Airport. As our motto is “the cosiest airport”, we always consider the comfort of passengers while making decisions, and the award is a sign that we have done something right in order to reach our goals,” said Piret Mürk-Dubout.
The main values that were especially appreciated at Tallinn Airport in comparison to other airports were the atmosphere and cleanliness of the terminal, convenience of waiting areas, professionalism of the employees and of course the quality and availability of free WiFi.

The ASQ survey is the leading passenger satisfaction and benchmarking programme for airports. The questionnaire of the survey is used in identical manner at 360 ASQ airports that have joined the passenger survey programme all over the world, including 109 junction airports in Europe. The survey enables airports to clarify the most important foundations of passenger satisfaction and analyse how successful they are in various areas in comparison to other junction airports. Last year, over 1,400 passengers participated in the ASQ survey at Tallinn Airport.

Tallinn Airport has invested considerably in the improvement of aviation safety and passenger comfort. The total investment planned until year 2020 is 130 million euros. The largest construction project of the past decades was started in 2016 when the whole runway got a new cover and an additional 410 metres of length. Also, a new VIP complex, security check area and transport terminal were completed, and a tram line between the Airport and the city centre was opened for passengers. At the end of 2018, a new parking garage was opened, which is the largest one in Estonia with over 1,200 parking places.

The airport is the main air gateway of Estonia that hosted 3 million passengers in 2018, and through which it is possible to fly to 37 direct destinations this summer.