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Tallinn Airport is predicting a five per cent increase in the number of passengers


Having crossed the threshold of a record-breaking three million passengers, Tallinn Airport is predicting an at least five per cent increase in the number of passengers this year, the number of seats will increase regardless of the withdrawal of Nordica, and consistent efforts are made to open several new airlines, first of all in the directions of Europe and Middle East.

Piret Mürk-Dubout, chairman of the board of Tallinn Airport: “The position of Tallinn Airport today is better than ever –we serve over 3 million passengers annually, which is twice as much as 10 years ago, the number of destinations where it is possible to fly from Estonia has increased by 40% during the same period. Our efforts to be the cosiest airport in the world have been noticed and highly appreciated both nationally and abroad. But this is still just a milestone. We see that Tallinn Airport is capable of growing significantly more, i.e. we can serve up to 5 million passengers and even more airlines annually. We are working with all our team in order to achieve those goals every day.”

Eero Pärgmäe, commercial director of Tallinn Airport: “Now that Nordica has reduced its connections, the role of the airport in connecting Estonia with Europe, Asia and all the world has significantly increased. Already today we are in a position where the number of flight connections is not decreasing but rather increasing. We are also working to create new holiday and business destinations first of all in the directions of Germany, Middle East and Asia. By 2020, we wish to create a direct connection with Dubai or Doha.”

In summer 2018, the number of direct destinations of Tallinn Airport increased to a record-breaking figure of 41, several interesting summer lines were added last summer, complemented by a number of charter destinations – thus, the people of Estonia could fly directly from Tallinn to Constanta and Ohrid, for instance. The all-year destinations of Malta, Cyprus and Edinburgh were added. The total number of all-year destinations was 27.

16 airlines operate at Tallinn Airport, the newest provider of regular flights is Wizzair who started to fly from Tallinn to Kiev and London in 2018.

In two years, the number of passengers of the airport has increased by 30%. Last year brought a record-breaking number of passengers for Tallinn Airport once again, and on the last day of the year, the threshold of 3 million passengers was crossed, which makes 8,200 passengers and 60 flights per day in average.

In order to offer the most convenient travel environment for the passengers, the airport was busy with extensive renovation work already for the third consecutive year, and has by now completed a new VIP complex, security inspection area, has opened a new public transport terminal, and a tram line was opened between the centre and Tallinn Airport. At the end of last year, the parking conditions of air travellers were also significantly improved when the largest parking garage in Estonia holding over 1,200 places was opened. In the current year 2019, the airport will begin planning an extension for the passenger terminal to be able to serve 5 to 6 million passengers annually in the future.