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Tallinn Airport introduced thermal cameras


Today, thermal cameras were put to operation at the Tallinn Airport to measure the temperature of arriving passengers and stop the spread of coronavirus. Thermal cameras are used to identify potentially infected persons and provide them health advice.

“Thermal cameras were installed in front of the gateways at the airport before entering the baggage area and the situation is monitored on the screens on the other side of the gateways,” said Einari Bambus, Member of the Management Board of Tallinn Airport and added that it is possible to monitor the passengers with cameras round-the-clock. “The information leaflets of the Health Board are still available in the territory of the airport; further information in connection with the COVID-19 virus and disinfectants have been planed to the baggage arrival area.

The thermal cameras are operated by the officials of the Health Board or the Red Cross volunteers. In providing the health advice, the volunteers follow the instructions of the Health Board, to ascertain whether there are grounds to suspect the infection with the corona virus.

“If the thermal camera detects a body temperature of 38° C or higher of a passenger, the machine will alert the operator and the operator will direct the person to an isolated area nearby, where health advice is provided,” said Ragnar Vaiknemets, adviser of the Health System Development Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs. “During the health consultation, the health of the person is assessed, the person is given recommendations for monitoring their health and contacting a health care professional, if necessary. If the person is clearly in a poor state of health, an ambulance shall be called.”

According to the Health Board, the risk of the corona virus entering Estonia is high, the risk of its local spreading is moderate. To prevent the infection, it is recommendable to observe the customary rules of hygiene – wash hands and avoid contact with persons manifesting symptoms of a respiratory disease.

After returning from a risk area, the health must be monitored for 14 days. In case fever, cough or shortness of breath occurs, immediately contact a doctor, ask for advice on the family physician’s helpline 1220, if necessary, call ambulance on 112. Corona virus should be suspected if you have recent travel experience from the area where the virus is spreading as well as the symptoms characteristic to the disease.