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Tallinn Airport has been recognised with a golden award for corporate responsibility


For the second time, Tallinn Airport has been awarded with the golden award for corporate responsibility. „This is a recognition to all of the employees of the airport, since the work that we have all done during the last year has had such an effect that the economic, environmental and social influence of the airport has been regarded as responsible,” said Piret Mürk-Dubout, the chairwoman of the management board of Tallinn Airport.

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, means the natural and voluntary incorporation of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of a corporation into the everyday operations, management and business strategy of a company. Responsibility is a way of thinking that shows how a business is operating daily, how it is making its big and small decisions, and how, thereat, other people and the environment is taken into consideration.

The Responsible Business Forum (Vastutustundliku Ettevõtluse Foorum, VEF) has been operating since 2005, and Tallinn Airport has been a member of the forum and the management board of the forum. Currently, the forum has 67 members among whom there are different sized undertakings, social undertakings and some private persons.
The objective of VEF is the development of this way of thinking that responsible operation is beneficial, actually simple and prestigious to a company. VEF links companies who consider it important to work in a responsible manner, so that it would be possible to ensure the sustainability of oneself, the environment and the state.

The index distinguishes between two size categories of businesses: micro and small companies as well as medium and large companies. The airport competed in the second category. The questions of the index are divided into four subject fields. When calculating the points for the consolidated evaluation, each field has a different weight. For the gold level, a company must achieve 90% in each category, the overall result of the airport was 97%.

„Responsible operation has been woven into the core business activities of the airport. We show initiative, systematic thinking and resilience in ensuring responsible operation in our own company, and also beyond that level,” said Piret Mürk-Dubout, and added that in reality the responsible values are becoming a business standard.