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Tallinn Airport GH nominee for the Tourism Deed 2014


As part of the selection process for the Tourism Deed 2014 of Tallinn Business Development Department, Tallinn Airport GH has garnered well-earned recognition, with its world’s best service chosen as one of the four nominees from more than a hundred entrants. Without exception, the prize is for all the staff of Tallinn Airport GH, who through their daily work have elevated the ground handling services at Tallinn Airport to the best in the world, in the opinion of several airlines.

GH Turismitegu nominent 2014

According to Tiit Kepp, Chairman of the Management Board of Tallinn Airport GH, it is important to realise in this job that passengers cannot be treated as a project. Ground handling services are daily work in which every day you have to be the best and the fastest and provide the best service to every airline and every passenger. “Every year, more than 2 million passengers pass through our hands, literally. Hundreds of nationalities, various figures, state visits – they all require consistently good service,” added Kepp.

In order for a journey to be as carefree as possible, be it checking themselves or their luggage in for a flight in Tallinn or at the relevant gate, passengers need to be provided with a comprehensive summary of the course of their journey, including changes at any other international airport, and any questions from passengers need to be answered. And when a flight departs on time, the passenger will be happy.

“Of the flights serviced by Tallinn Airport GH, 98% on average depart on time. But our on-time record alone cannot be the groundwork for our operations. Safety, staff competence, innovativeness and professionalism – these are the criteria – these are the criteria that are highly valued by our clients, be they the airline or the passengers,” Tiit Kepp elaborated.

“Lufthansa has already recognised us on two occasions as the world’s best ground handling services company. It is this that merits awarding of the Tallinn Tourism Deed of the Year!” stated Tiit Kepp.