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Tallinn Airport awarded Gold Label for responsible entrepreneurship


On 22 January, Minister of Entrepreneurship Liisa Oviir presented Estonian enterprises that were successful in the Estonian Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index 2015 competition with gold, silver and bronze labels. Gold Labels were awarded to Tallinn Airport, ABB AS, Eesti Energia AS, Tallinna Vesi, Swedbank AS, Manpower OÜ, Ericsson Eesti AS Tallinn factory, ISS Eesti AS, Uuskasutus MTÜ, Loodusvägi OÜ and Villapai OÜ.

Enterprises that were successful in the competition of Estonian Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index were awarded with gold, silver and bronze labels in the categories of small, medium-sized and large enterprises. The full list of label recipients can be found here: http://quiz.csr.ee/vaata-kes-said-vastutustundliku-ettevotluse-indeksi-margised/.

According to Rein Loik, the Chairman of Tallinn Airport, responsibility, above all, means caring about people and the environment. “In order to be a sustainable enterprise, we have to operate in a more profitable way and at the same time constantly keep the future in mind – and it’s important for us to do this in a way that makes our clients, partners, employees and owner feel good,” Loik said. “Receiving a gold label for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility is great recognition for all of the employees of Tallinn Airport. On the other hand, it entails major responsibility in meeting the high expectations of society, which motivate our enterprise to make an even bigger effort to be sustainable.”

The annual Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index is a unique tool in Estonia based on a comprehensive questionnaire which evaluates an enterprise’s responsibility in its business activities, including the impact of the enterprise on the work environment, the market environment, the natural environment and the community. The competition enables the positive impact an enterprise has on its surroundings to be analysed in order to find ways of enhancing this and also benefitting from it as an enterprise. The competition is organised annually by the Responsible Business Forum. Since 2005, the forum has been bringing together enterprises that take into account the sustainability of the social, natural and economic environments in their operations, and consists of around 50 Estonian enterprises and organisations.