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Summer flight schedule brings new destinations


Aviation is a strongly seasonal field. This is particularly so in Estonia, where the summer flight schedule has much more destinations to offer than in winter. There are more destinations, and many airlines add additional flights for the summer season. And this summer is no exception.


Estonian Air has already a number of popular summer destinations, such as Berlin, Nice, Split, Munich and Paris. This summer, the domestic carrier will commence seasonal flights to Vienna and Milan. AirBaltic will also start flights to Vienna and Berlin in the summer. Ryanair will restore its seasonal flights to Girona, Bremen, Dublin and Manchester and, this summer, Vueling will fly to Barcelona. The new Greek airline Aegean Airlines will start with flights to Athens this summer.

During the summer season, several airlines add additional flights to the flight schedule, making connecting flights even more comfortable. During the summer, AirBaltic will fly to Paris every day instead of the regular four times a week, and there are five daily flights to Riga. Turkish Airlines continues its vigorous expansion, and has seven flights from Tallinn to Istanbul instead of the regular four flights a week. Lufthansa will add a third flight to the daily Frankfurt route. LOT will fly from Tallinn to Warsaw eight times instead of six. Aeroflot added one additional flight to the Moscow route early in the year; therefore, there are now two daily flights to Moscow.

During this summer, you can fly directly from Tallinn to more than 3o destinations in 21 countries. Scheduled flights between the summer destinations are served by 14 different airlines.

Different summer flights will start flying at various times; therefore, we recommend tracking detailed information on a specific carrier’s website or consult with your travel agency.