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Starting from today, the gallery between the airport terminal and public transport centre is open


From 1 December, the gallery, connecting the passenger terminal of Tallinn Airport and the public transport centre is open to passengers; also, the public transport scheme around the airport has changed.

The length of the connecting gallery is 53 metres and this enables the passengers to get from the public transport centre directly to the passenger terminal without getting their feet wet. To facilitate movement, an escalator and platform lift have been installed at the end of the gallery facing the public transport centre. Likewise to the passenger terminal, the opening hours of the public transport centre follow the flight schedule. The premises of the centre accommodate also car rental offices.

Starting from 1 December, the public transport centre has stops for tram route no. 4, city buses 2 and 65 and Tartu inter-urban bus line. The “Lennujaama” stop of city bus no. 2 running towards city centre is located on the Tartu road and the stop towards Mõigu is now near the last stop of tram route no. 4.

The turnaround of city bus line no. 65 is at the stop “Lennujaama”, which is right next to the last stop of tram route no. 4.

The car park in front of the passenger terminal of the airport was closed to vehicles on 15 November. For today, the construction works of a new parking station at the former car park have already started.