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School holidays bring more vehicles into the parking lots of the airport


Next week, most of the Estonian schools have holidays and it is a time many families use for family vacations and travelling. It is a time when many families with children move in the terminal of Tallinn Airport. During that period, there are also more cars in our parking lots. Therefore, we recommend early arrival at the airport, as finding a parking place may take more time.

The new 3-floor parking garage has space for over 1,200 vehicles, and it is also possible to park in A2 parking lot located between the airport and Ülemiste Hotel, and A4 parking lot next to the passenger terminal, on the city side. “It is convenient to drop off passengers in the Kiss&Fly area on the central floor of the parking garage, and the driver can then proceed to look for a suitable parking place. However, please leave enough time for that,” added Asko Kivinuk, manager of the passenger terminal.