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Ryanair celebrates 800 000th passenger in Tallinn Airport


In 2,5 years, Ryanair has served 800 000 passengers in Tallinn Airport. The lucky 800 000th passenger was 24-year old Liis Teemusk who was travelling back from Milan Bergamo.

Ryanairi 800000 reisija Tallinna Lennujaamas

Ms Teemusk was presented with Ryanair’s flight voucher from Tallinn to a destination of her choice that she can use for her next holiday.

Ryanair started operations in Tallinn in December 2010 and has since steadily grown its passenger numbers and now reached the milestone of 800 000. During the summer season 2013 Ryanair operates 10 low fares routes to/from Tallinn airport and expects to carry around 350 000 passengers p.a. while sustaining 350 jobs in the tourism sector in the Tallinn region and underlining Ryanair’s commitment to and investment in Tallinn.

Ryanair is the second biggest airline in Tallinn Airport, serving 17% of airport’s passengers in May.

Ultra low cost carrier Ryanair not only contributes to travel opportunities available from Tallinn, but its 800 000 passengers also have a considerable effect on Estonian economy. A recent study by analyst Maris Lauri concluded that every 100 000 passengers in Tallinn Airport create 146 jobs and total turnover of € 28 million in goods and services.