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Rules to be complied with when taking a flight


Tallinn Airport established rules for preventing the spread of coronavirus to protect the health of passengers and employees.

According to Katrin Hagel, the head of passenger services at the Tallinn Airport, it is important to maintain also the precautionary measures alongside the recovery of air traffic: “Now, when the routes are gradually reopening, it is extremely important to keep the risk of infection as low as possible. For that, we have developed simple principles which we ask all passengers and people coming to see them off to follow with consideration. Also, we have implemented modern and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies that ensure the cleanliness of frequently used public premises,” Hagel said.

In order to protect yourselves and the others against the infection, the airport asks to follow three main rules: “The airport has established a 2+2 rule and we ask you to keep a sufficient distance from other passengers. In order to simplify the implementation of the 2+2 rule in more congested places at the security check area and check.in counters, we ask passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before the departure of their flight. Only those going on a trip are allowed to enter the passenger terminal; accordingly, we ask to say goodbyes outside the terminal,” Hagel added.

To reduce the risk of infection, the airport recommends wearing a mask at the airport and using the disinfectants that are available to everyone at the airport. “Most definitely familiarise yourself with the rules of the destination and the airline. For example, for some airlines, wearing a mask may be obligatory,” Hagel stated. Personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves and disinfectants, can be bought also from various shops at the airport

Starting from March, the passenger terminal is cleaned more frequently and modern cleaning technologies have been implemented. “For example, the most frequently used surfaces such as service counters, boxes in the security line, handles of baggage trolleys, strollers, wheelchairs, elevator surfaces and surfaces of restrooms have been covered with a nanotechnology based catalytic coating. The cover disinfects the surfaces continuously, using the light available in the room and ensures the hygiene of the surfaces also between cleaning times,” said Hagel.

From May, the airport started to disinfect electrostatically the upholstered furniture and carpeting. “This is faster and more efficient than other methods, as the electro-statically powered particles are finer and the disinfectant spreads better also into hidden places,” Hagel explained. At the security check area, where there are many people at a time, UV light based air purifying units have been installed, which sterilise and clean the air of microorganisms.

“Now, when the air traffic is gradually recovering, it is our task to do everything to make sure that the passengers continue to feel themselves safe. The passion for travelling hasn’t disappeared anywhere; we simply have to find the ways to do it reasonably and safely,” said Hagel and confirmed that the airport is ready for the opening of routes.