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Routes Europe 2012 named the Conference of the Year


Erik Sakkov, member of board of Tallinn Airport, is handed the award Wednesday, Jan 16 by Estonian Convention Bureau for organizing the international conference of European aviation, which brought to Tallinn nearly 900 decisionmakers of the industry. This proved Routes Europe 2012 also the biggest in the event\’s 7-year history.

Having Routes Europe in Estonia is, according to Sakkov, a great success. It took two years of lobbying and 1,5 years of preparations, but the event has paid off hugely.

“However unique we might consider our Old Town or singing tradition, the reality is that looking from Europe, we are still seen like a post-soviet country somewhere in Siberia,” Sakkov said. “No flyer or advertisment can disprove this prejudice, the only thing that hepls is to get all the decisionmakers here and show them, how great a place Estonia is for a tourist and that it’s also one of the most favourable places in Europe for doing business.”

Andrew Rowe, VP of UBM Aviation Routes Ltd, said the delegates were impressed with hospitality and seamless orgnisation by Tallinn Airport. “Routes Europe 2012 in Tallinn was a great success. It was a fantastic show and the Airlines and Airports enjoyed the city and Estonian hospitality. They left with a very favourable impression of Tallinn and Estonia. To quote from one delegates feedback “this was one of the best organised events I have ever attended. A big thank you to Tallinn Airport”.

“Altogether, there were 11 nominees for the award on Conference of the Year 2012, said Kadri Karu, CEO of Estonian Convention Burau. “Routes Europe 2012 definitely caught the attention and acknowledgement in Estonia as well as abroad,” said Karu. Estonian Convention Bureau would do everything to promote Estonia as a host for events of this magnitude, she promised.

This January, Estonian Convention Bureau (ECB) celebrates its 5th year. ECB serves as an association of convention businesses and municipalities, which aims to promote Estonia as a destination for convention tourism.

Routes Europe 2012